In India we support various children’s homes, in which children at risk find a home – such as the children’s home Asha Kiran (“Ray of Hope”) in Gotlam. Children whose backgrounds offer few prospects for the future are cared for, and are able to go to school, then undertake vocational training. MANNA projects in Latin America are led by church members, who give love and care to children from poor, broken families. Here these children receive help in their everyday life, experience what it is like to be appreciated, and feel that God is putting people at their side. In the PEPE projects in Latin America, children are given pre-school education, enabling them to start life with better prospects. Social centres provide children and young people with a wide range of care services, and teach them important social skills.


25. January 2023

Girls and boys from Latin America's poor neighborhoods often have no chance to attend preschool or daycare because there are no or not enough of them in these areas. Through PEPE preschools, they have…

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05. January 2023

Hunger is the constant companion for countless children in India. But for some, there is hope - and not just for getting fed, but for "an almost normal life" with loving care and school attendance. "A…

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28. November 2022

Dalton was born without eyes. That alone was difficult enough. In the place where he lived, far away from the next city center, there were no opportunities of support for him. His mother had to take…

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29. September 2022

In 2014, the Turkish Baptist Union was established, which includes four congregations. Under the leadership of Pastor Ertan Cevik, we support a team of five pastors. The congregations are all…

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