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Mission has many faces

Missionaries give mission a face. Thereby they rely on our support. Because of our interest in Europe and because of our prayers and our donations mission is made possible.

We at EBM INTERNATIONAL work in five Latin American countries and seven African countries as well as in India. Our partner countries do not only need financial aid but also professional help from well trained European workers that can lead, train, and qualify the local staff. European staff members hold an important bridging function in the areas mission and development.


How to live according to the calling?

It is important to have our staff members’ and missionaries’ backs so they can live according to their calling.

That is why…

  • they get an adequate and solid salary from EBM INTERNATIONAL following the guidelines for a pastor salary which is co-financed by the supporting congregations of our union.
  • we are taking care of all the travel and accommodation costs so the missionaries can do their ministries. Depending on the country we also pay for the medical preparation and care.
  • we cover the costs that result from missions work i.e. supplying an office, or an office car, technical equipment, travel costs or working material, and necessary regular expenses.
  • we take on the financial responsibility for the education of missionary kids. EBM INTERNATIONAL regularly pays contributions to correspondence schools and local schools.
  • we enable home furloughs every two years and cover the costs for church visits, conferences and meetings, as well as further trainings.
  • we support projects that our staff is involved in.

Missionaries are depending on your support!

EBM INTERNATIONAL depends on your support for the missionaries and their ministries. This can be done in several ways. You can be part of paying their salaries, the labour costs, or the travel expenses. Our missionaries also need personal and spiritual support. They need our intercession and are looking forward to emails and letters from their homeland.



If you are interested in working for us as a missionary, please enquire further information via email. You can send a message to mkisskalt@ebm-international.org – we are looking forward to your message!


Job offer

We have the following request for missionaries from our partners:

Specialist in ophthalmology