Head office: Wustermark
Member unions: 30
Projects: ca. 300
Missionaries: ca. 101

EBM INTERNATIONAL currently works with 30 Baptist member unions and partners on four continents.

With a budget of 4.5 million, we implement about 300 projects around the world. Our network also includes over 100 staff members.

We help people in Equatorial Guinea, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, India, Cameroon, Cuba, Malawi, Mozambique, Peru, Portugal, Zambia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Turkey and the Central African Republic.

Based on our vision, our mission, our key areas of work and our core values, the following points describe how collaboration works in practice:

We work in partnership: Baptist unions become members of EBM INTERNATIONAL and commit to the vision and mission of our fellowship. Within this membership we work in partnership on projects for which agreements are made.

Decisions are made equally by all our members at our general meeting, the EBM Mission Council. Member unions send delegates to this meeting. Our board consists of members from Africa, India, Latin America and Europe. Board members are elected by the Mission Council.

The five regions where most projects are implemented are represented by regional representatives, who themselves come from these regions and act as key persons there.

When it comes to financial resources, good stewardship and trust are necessary. This requires transparency and mutual responsibility. That is why we strive for clear guidelines and agreements on how to handle financial resources.