We provide adequate medical care - especially for disadvantaged population groups.

Unfortunately, in many of our partner countries, adequate medical care is not accessible to the entire population or is simply unaffordable. Poor and disadvantaged population groups in particular often have no opportunity to receive treatment at all.

Together with our partners, we therefore enable these people to receive free or low-cost treatment. The spectrum ranges from mobile medical missions in remote villages to pharmacies and even modern clinics. These projects are largely financed by donations from EBM INTERNATIONAL.

Our health care projects:

In Cameroon EBM INTERNATIONAL is supporting many medical organizations. Just in the northern part of the country the Baptist Partner “Union des Églises Baptistes” (UEBC) is in charge of seven…

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Our partner convention in Sierra Leone is the Baptist Convention of Sierra Leone (BCSL). They are maintaining three clinics and a project for blind people, the Blind Rehabilitation Project (BRP).…

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Our member union in Malawi is the Baptist Convention of Malawi (BACOMA). They have been running a clinic in Senga Bay for many years located close to the Lake Malawi, about 100 km east of the capital…

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