Areas of work


Head office: Wustermark
Member unions: 30
Projects: ca. 300
Missionaries: ca. 101

Based on our vision, mission statement, core areas and values, the following points describe how working together takes place in practice: We work through partnerships, in which member Unions become partners of EBM INTERNATIONAL, committing themselves to the vision and mission of
our fellowship. Within this partnership, we work together in projects for which agreements have been initiated. Partnering may include working together in projects and initiatives, which are locally owned and fit within the overall mission of EBM INTERNATIONAL and the Member Union.
Decisions are made by all our members at the Mission Council, based on equality. Our Executive Committee is made up of members from Africa, India, Latin America and Europe. Members are elected by the Mission Council. The five regions, in which most of the projects are implemented, are represented by regional representatives, who act as key persons in these regions and who are themselves native to the region. In terms of financial resources, we believe
that good stewardship and learning trust requires transparency and accountability to each other. Therefore, we strive towards clear guidelines and agreements on how we want to deal with financial resources.