In cases of disaster, we provide emergency aid to those affected through our partner churches.

EBM INTERNATIONAL can count on a proven network in the event of an emergency: On a national level, we work hand in hand with the German Baptist Disaster Relief organization and the German Baptist Aid. At international level, we have partners in the disaster areas who assess the emergency situations accurately and provide fast, unbureaucratic and transparent aid.

In recent years, we have been able to provide aid in many cases of disaster - in floods, after earthquakes or during epidemics. Through our partners, we have been able to provide people on site with emergency aid such as food, clothing and hygiene articles, as well as shelter and sanitary facilities.


Our outreach in the area of relief work:

Every day about 1000 children die due to malnutrition and diarrhea in India. About a third of all children under five are underweight and are too small for their age. It’s the children that suffer…

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In India about 15 000 farmers take their lives every year because they cannot get out of debt from the suppliers for seeds and fertilizers. Our partner “CBM Bethel Hospital” (it’s a Baptist hospital)…

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