Our Team



Gottfried-Wilhelm-Lehmann-Straße 4
14641 Wustermark

Phone: +49 33234 74-441
Fax: +49 33234 74-448
Email: info@ebm-international.org



We work through partnerships, in which Member Unions become partners of EBM INTERNATIONAL, committing themselves to the vision and mission of our fellowship.


  • Dr. Michael Kißkalt
    General Secretary
  • Grenna Kaiya
    Team Leader Projects & Programs
    0049 3323474-443

    "My work with EBM INTERNATIONAL is based on my believe."

  • Michael Fischbeck
    Team Leader Fundraising & Promotion

    "With EBM INTERNATIONAL I can be part of seeing God's kingdom grow."

  • Susanne Geyermann
    Assistance General Secretary

    "EBM INTERNATIONAL serves the poor and the needy – I like to work here."

  • Kathy Gareis
    Volunteer program

    "Partnership and learning from each other inspires me within EBM INTERNATIONAL."

  • Susanne Schutz
    Assistance Projects & Programs

    "EBM INTERNATIONAL stands for transparency and credibility – something I like to support."

  • Kerstin van Leeuwen

    "Within EBM INTERNATIONAL I can follow and live my ideals."

  • Gabi Neubauer

    "A job and a calling. This belongs together in my work."

  • Julia-Kathrin Raddek
    public Relations

    "I want to help churches to become inspired by our desire to see people around the world touched by the healing and transforming love of Jesus Christ."

  • Lars Müller
    Public Relations

    "I wish that together we can support and assist the many projects of EBM INTERNATIONAL that bring hope to so many people around the world and are such a great blessing."

  • Carlos Waldow
    Regional Representative for Latin America

    "Sharing God’s love! Giving people hope! With EBM INTERNATIONAL I can live this passionately."

  • Magloire Kadjio
    Regional Representative for Central Africa and Sierra Leone
  • Judson Pothuraju
    Regional Representative for India
  • Fletcher Kaiya
    Regional Representative for South Africa