Donation: 85.000,- €
Project number: 21290


Population: 44 Millionen
Member union: AGA (Asociacion De Iglesias Bautistas Germano-Argentinas)

Areas of work
Children at risk | 26
Church development | 8
Campacity building | 1


About 50 percent of the children in Argentina fall below the poverty line and the worst conditions. They experience so much misery and are constantly facing dangers like neglect, hunger, crimes, drug abuse, prostitution etc. Some of these children receive help in Mendoza and eight other places at MANNA programs.

MANNA is helping churches to deal with problems in their own surroundings. Some families from the churches open their hearts and their homes to take in these children for the day or voluntary teams from the churches offer activities and practical assistance in the church facilities. Here these kids can experience wholesome families and people that love them and care for them. They are offered schooling, food, love, and security. At the same time, they see examples of how to live a life characterized by faith in Jesus. This way they have a real chance of straightening out. The MANNA program gives answers to helplessness in desperate situations to many children. Even the families of these children receive practical help that opens new perspectives in their lives.

The supervising families as well as the volunteering teams participate with great sacrifice and love. They are being trained for this and financially supported, and Miriam Pizzi the social worker and MANNA coordinator professionally accompanies them. Miriam often visits the project places. Once a year she meets with the staff for trainings, for exchange, and for consolidation. This is always a time of encouragement. It often gets quite emotional when some of the bad life situations of the kids are being shared and when they are being prayed for.

It is exciting to see the positive effect of the work of MANNA in all those places. The communities are starting to change!

“Sharing God’s changing love so that people can live with hope.” This is our vision in our missions work. We are so happy to see God’s love reaching people in work and deed. It changes them and gives them hope. That is exactly what is happening in the MANNA projects!