The development of churches and congregations is a core component of the work of EBM INTERNATIONAL. Many of our projects ensure that congregations grow and are relevant to their cities and communities. For some time now, there’s been a real revival taking place in Cuba. Many people are coming to the faith, and hundreds of Baptist churches have formed. EBM INTERNATIONAL contributes to this by training church planters; at the same time it supports many social services offering people help in their everyday lives. The strategic vision for the next few years is to found new missionary initiatives and churches in Cuba’s 20 largest towns as well.


25. January 2023

Girls and boys from Latin America's poor neighborhoods often have no chance to attend preschool or daycare because there are no or not enough of them in these areas. Through PEPE preschools, they have…

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05. January 2023

Hunger is the constant companion for countless children in India. But for some, there is hope - and not just for getting fed, but for "an almost normal life" with loving care and school attendance. "A…

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28. November 2022

Dalton was born without eyes. That alone was difficult enough. In the place where he lived, far away from the next city center, there were no opportunities of support for him. His mother had to take…

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29. September 2022

In 2014, the Turkish Baptist Union was established, which includes four congregations. Under the leadership of Pastor Ertan Cevik, we support a team of five pastors. The congregations are all…

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