Kinderheim Alem


Population: 44 Millionen
Member union: AGA (Asociacion De Iglesias Bautistas Germano-Argentinas)

Areas of work
Children at risk | 26
Church development | 8
Campacity building | 1


Population: 10 Millionen
Member union: CBP (Convencao Baptista Portuguesa)

Areas of work
Children at risk | 1


In Latin America, many children live partly or entirely on the streets. Drug trafficking, crime, sexual abuse - these are the greatest dangers for these children. In Argentina and Brazil, thousands of them do child labor. The majority of children are poor and the majority of the poor are children.

The most common reason why children are neglected and parents are unable to care for them is family abuse. These are, for example, parents who are addicted to alcohol or drugs, mothers who do not want and abandon their children, and deep poverty. There are many reasons why children come to a children's home. Only a few of them are full orphans.

The neglected, abandoned, abused children find protection and home in the children's homes supported by EBM INTERNATIONAL. They all have serious deficits to work through. Without help they would have no chance.

In the children's homes, these children receive everything they need for their development, but also for their heart and soul. This also includes the invitation to believe in God. The most important thing is to constantly tell them that they are loved and accepted.

"Our" children's homes are currently the "Norberto F. Haase" children's home in Alem/Argentina and the children's home in Porto/Portugal.

The children's home in Argentina is designed in such a way that a group of up to ten children live in a house with home parents, or a home mother. On the children's home grounds there are playgrounds, administrative buildings, kitchen, etc. The standards for these children's homes are similar to ours in Germany. Social pedagogues, child psychologists, doctors, cooks and of course home parents are needed. The spectrum of staff qualifications is wide and therefore not cheap.

We are pleased when we receive reports from the homes again and again, in which positive developments in the lives of the children are reported.