Our vision:

We are commited worldwide to help people in need and bring hope.

Our five fields of work

We support local churches so that they can share the gospel in word and action.


In various projects we help children so that they receive home, care, love, security and education.


We provide adequate medical care - especially for underprivileged groups of the population.


We support people in their education so that they can build a sustainable and independent life on their own.


In the event of a disaster, we provide emergency aid, shelter and sanitary facilities to those affected on site through our partner churches.


Our vision and values


26. September 2023

It's lonely in the almost endless expanses of Patagonia: In Esquel, Pedro and Noemí Boretsky have been coordinating the region's church planting efforts for many decades. They tell of how God always…

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01. September 2023

The first Cuban gospel choir is coming on tour in Germany. Also in the team is a pastor from a baptist partner church in Havana. The ensemble brings a musical message of faith.

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01. August 2023

In northern Africa lies the Sahara, the largest arid desert on earth. It continues to expand. The so-called desertification no longer only affects the countries in the north of Africa, but is becoming…

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01. July 2023

There are still thousands of new cases of leprosy worldwide each year, most of them in India. Yet it is easily treatable today and no longer a reason for exclusion. But the reality is different.

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