Our vision:

We are commited worldwide to help people in need and bring hope.

Our five fields of work

We support local churches so that they can share the gospel in word and action.


In various projects we help children so that they receive home, care, love, security and education.


We provide adequate medical care - especially for underprivileged groups of the population.


We support people in their education so that they can build a sustainable and independent life on their own.


In the event of a disaster, we provide emergency aid, shelter and sanitary facilities to those affected on site through our partner churches.


Our vision and values


25. March 2024

Sarah Bosniakowski has been living and working at the Cameroonian Baptist Union's Hospital of Hope in Garoua since 2017. Julia-Kathrin Raddek reports on how she is doing there and what she is…

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22. February 2024

The small, yellow blossoms of the butter tree move nimbly from the forest floor through the hands of Sukanti into their basket. It is painstakingly hard work. People in Chhattisgarh and Odisha have…

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25. January 2024

Diadema. A large city south of the giant metropolis of São Paulo. The population density here is particularly high. 70 percent of the city consists of so-called favelas, the slums, often the starting…

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30. December 2023

More than 50 girls and boys, especially those with disabilities, receive intensive care at the social center in Macia. There is also a Baptist church on the campus. Around 100 other children and their…

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