Donation: 80.000,- €
Project number: 21140


Population: 44 Millionen
Member union: AGA (Asociacion De Iglesias Bautistas Germano-Argentinas)

Areas of work
Children at risk | 26
Church development | 8
Campacity building | 1


Poverty, crime, and drug trade characterize life of many children and youth in Argentina. There are countless kids in the slums, which nobody cares for during the day. About 25 years ago in 12 de Mayo close to Mendoza, a family started taking in children in need. From that emerged a social center which in time grew bigger and bigger with programs, properties, and facilities.

There are many activities being offered in the social center. During the day, about 350 children are being taken care of. The activities are for example games, sports, tutoring in school subjects, music, crafts, recreational activities, psychological treatment, Bible stories, and choir practice.

In addition to that about 300 kids are being fed and they get a glass of milk on a daily basis. For the poorest families every month 150 food packages are being given away. The children go hungry and for many this is the only meal of the day.

In a PEPE preschool project, there are 60 children between the ages of three and four that are being cared for. This way they have a better chance when starting school.

A small team of voluntary doctors is treating the children and their families in the social center.

“Hora Feliz” means “Happy Hour” and is a weekly activity for the children. In this activity, the team tells the children about Jesus. The staff is very creative about it. They also do home visits for the children.

Once a week the youth gets together. They play, do sports, they hear from the Bible and they learn from it.

There are even special courses for the parents at the social center for example about educational issues or on how to get back into the professional life. In addition to that, there are also offers for professional welfare.

All this work is mainly done by volunteering staff that is being trained and that are passionate and full of love for this work. The children and their families experience how much God loves them and cares for them in this social center. There is also a local mission church.