Donation: 51.000,- €
Project number: 26990


Population: 11 Millionen
Member union: CBCOCC (Convencion Bautista de Cuba Occidental)

Areas of work
Children at risk | 20
Church development | 14
Capacity building | 10
Relief work | 1


EBM INTERNATIONAL is supporting the Baptists in Cuba to share with people the good news of Jesus and bring them new hope! Revival is the best word to describe what has been happening lately on that island. Hundreds of people are becoming Christians and many new churches are being planted.

EBM INTERNATIONAL is supporting Cuba with extensive projects:

On the Isle of Youth, there are more than 80 house churches and eight officially planted churches. Ernesto Cabrera is a doctor and pastor in one church and is responsible for the mission work on the whole isle as well. About 100 km west of Havana, in the region of Bahía Honda, also a few mission stations have emerged. In the eastern part of Cuba, more than 300 missionaries have been trained since 2009 who on the other hand have planted over 250 churches. In one of the slums in Havana, the crime rate has sunk drastically since the good news has reached the people there. They have about 100 members there now. Pastor Daniel González and his wife Ana Isabel are doing a great job in Havana.

They have organized several Bible clubs and a missionary sports project for children and youth. Daniel is also coordinating and supervising the church planting of other churches (e.g. in Bahía Honda and in Havana in the parts of Zaldo, La Perla, Abel Santamaría, Jesus del Monte). Several hundred of missionaries are taking part in the training of church planting and assisting in churches. These are very successful.

Often mission works start with a Bible club for children, which grow into a larger church work just like the church in La Perla. The staff there organizes breakfast for needy children. They are also taking care of older people who are the ones affected the most by poverty. There is always a short lesson from the Bible. That way they can experience God’s love.

Our missionaries in Cuba are constantly praying and working. They are passionate and full of love. Whatever little they have in life they share. That is how much they trust God.