Donations: 10.000,- €
Project number: 51401


Population: 24 Millionen
Member union: UEBC (Union des Èglises Baptistes du Cameroun)

Areas of work
Church development | 3
Health care | 8
Capacity building | 7
Children at risk | 3


At the Bible school in Mokong (Institute Biblique Mokong) our partner union in Cameroon (UEBC) is training evangelists. Well trained theologians are the key for good church work. Clergymen in Africa are at the same time counselors in all sorts of requests in the town. After a three year training program many of the students go to remote areas and villages in the northern part of the country to spread the good news and to plant a church. This region in Cameroon is very poor and characterized by huge insecurity. Many people by the border to Nigeria are suffering from the terror of the Boko Haram sect. Many churches have become a place of refuge and hope in this terrible situation.

The Bible school Mokong which is located in this region trains 20 students per course in three years. The responsible person for this training area is Pastor Emmanuel Bongo. After completing the three years of training every student receives the “Brevet en Théologie”. With this certificate the graduates can officially work as evangelists for the Union des Eglises Baptistes du Cameroun (UEBC). In Mokong it is possible to get a good education without a high school diploma. That’s very important for this region where a lot of people don’t have the opportunity to get a comprehensive education.

The Bible school contains of three simple class rooms, a reading and conference room which is also being used as a library, and living accommodations for students and teachers. The married students are housed with their families on the campus in small apartments. They receive financial support which has to be applied for. In case of a health issue the Bible School bears the costs to a certain degree. The wives also receive a basic biblical training. They also learn French and are being taught in areas like nutrition and hygiene. In the past couple of years with the help of the Swiss Baptists they were able to buy new sewing machines for the training areas. Furthermore, all students were given their own theological literature.