Donation: 15.000,- €
Project number: 22800


Population: 11 Millionen
Member union: UBB (Union Bautista Boliviana)

Areas of work
Children at risk | 1
Church development | 1


Latin America is a place filled with contradictions. There is extreme wealth of the minority on one hand and unimaginable poverty of the majority on the other hand. Due to lack of perspective, drug addiction, and superstition people do not have the strength to change their lives. EBM INTERNATIONAL supports churches and local missionaries to encourage people and to help them gaining control of their own lives and putting their lives into the hands of God. They experience extensive renewal through their faith in Jesus Christ. New churches are being planted. Even people in remote areas in Latin America receive social aid. Just like in Bolivia:

Bolivia’s former capital Sucre is situated at an altitude of 3300 meters and has about 300 000 inhabitants. It is located in the province of Chuquisaca. They have three Baptist churches there, which were started with the help of EBM INTERNATIONAL through mission work in Yotala, a place with about 1500 inhabitants 15 km south of Sucre. The missionaries for this work are Sebastián and Patricia Jancko. Working as a missionary in Yotala is a tough job. The missionary has to take a motorbike to go to the difficult accessible surrounding villages in the mountains to bring the people the good news. They are planning more mission stations and some are already being planted.

Church planting and fighting the Chagas’ disease go hand in hand. This disease is transmitted through the Chagas’ bug and is widely spread in this area. To this day, this infectious disease is not curable. Some people die of it, others have a much shorter life expectancy.

The church members are socially committed to help fulfill people’s needs and spread the good news so Jesus can build his church in Bolivia. People are accepting Christ into their hearts and are being baptized.

EBM INTERNATIONAL is helping the Baptists in Bolivia with the challenge of bringing people the good news of Jesus and the hope that is found in him!