Donation: 44.000,- €
Project number: 21230


Population: 44 Millionen
Member union: AGA (Asociacion De Iglesias Bautistas Germano-Argentinas)

Areas of work
Children at risk | 26
Church development | 8
Campacity building | 1


EBM INTERNATIONAL looks after local staff and missionaries and supports them in the social missionary projects in founding churches, theological training, staff training, and in different projects for children and youth.

The ancestors of the people in the region of Alto Uruguay are from Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, and other European countries. Here at the headwater of the river Uruguay most of them had settled down as farmers. They had brought with them their Christian traditions, which were mixed up with superstition and ignorance. They lost their faith in Jesus Christ and it became insignificant in their everyday lives.

The region of Alto Uruguay is in the north east of Argentina, in the state of Misiones between Paraguay and Brazil. The river Uruguay is the border between Argentina and Brazil. It is a beautiful landscape, which is offside and isolated. Oscar and Alicia Kunigk have had a big heart for the people in that area who had not heard the good news yet. That is why the couple moved to the small town of El Soberbio many years ago.

The beginning was very hard and even dangerous, filled with hostility and disapproval. No one there had known of Baptist churches and so the couple was considered followers of a cult. They started their work in a mission tent and later rented a meeting room. Individual people and even whole families would give their lives to Jesus and would be baptized. In the meantime, the church has built their own building in El Sorberbio.

Under the leadership of Oscar and Alicia Kunigk two other mission works have emerged which keep on growing. One of them was started in February 2013 about 235 km away in Bernardo de Irigoyen. They have their own church building as well. Starting in 2018, the missionary couple Horacio and Patricia Miquetán will be leading this work. In Dos de Mayo, about 100 km away from El Soberbio, Oscar started another mission work in 2017. Time and again people get saved in fascinating ways. God is at work and he is building his church.