Thanksgiving 2023

Promoting Growth in the Kingdom of God

Thanksgiving Campaign 2023

donations needed: 500,000,- €


project number: 10 100

Vibrant churches are a central starting point for growth in the kingdom of God. That is why we would like to present the “Community Development” area in more detail for Thanksgiving 2023:

Together with you we promote growth in the kingdom of God so that people's lives change sustainably. We strategically invest in leadership training, combining church work with concrete help, bringing God to people and people to God.

This happens, for example, in Turkey, in Africa or in Latin America:

Brazil - holistic mission in Ijuí

For many years there has been a large Baptist congregation in Ijuí, which is closely linked to the local social center and the CAIS project for the deaf. Ijuí Theological Seminary prepares people to serve God in mission and church service. The "Wake Up" program has been particularly successful in recent years: young people and young adults grow in their discipleship, live and learn together on the seminary campus and apply their knowledge in practical missionary activities. In this way the participants grow in their abilities and reach people with the good news.

Cameroon - theological training

The theological seminary in Ndiki has been training young women and men for pastoral ministry for many decades. They live and learn, sometimes with their spouses and families, on the campus in southern Cameroon and receive extensive training there for their future ministry in churches, as evangelists or for church planting.

Turkey – help and hope for the people

Our siblings in Turkey invite you to their services, take care of refugees and seek contact with people. They regularly provide humanitarian aid, for example after the earthquake in February 2023. With the church work in Turkey, we want to strengthen and support our brothers and sisters in telling about Jesus and inviting them to believe. We also invest in the training of leaders through a Bible seminar.

Thanksgiving Campaign: Promoting growth in the kingdom of God together

More than 100 church development projects are helping the gospel reach the people. Your commitment to community development is an important building block in financing missionary work: With your donation or collection, new communities are created, women and men receive theological training and volunteers are equipped to serve the people.