Christmas Offering 2023

Giving children a home and education

Children at Risk
Budget needed: 1.000.000,- €
Project number: 10500


Sierra Leone

Population: 8,5 Millionen
Member union: BCSL (Baptist Convention of Sierra Leone)

Areas of work
Church development | 3
Health care | 4
Children at risk | 3


Population: 212 Millionen
Member union: Pioneira (Convencao Batista Pioneira do Sul do Brasil)

Areas of work
Children at risk | 8
Church development | 3
Capacity buiding | 2


Population: 1,3 Milliarden
Member union: 16 Partner

Working areas
Children at risk | 14
Campacity building | 20
Relief work | 5
Health care | 10

The brothers Rajid and Ravi (names changed) have had to move frequently: there were always problems with the landlords or neighbors. When her father died, it became increasingly difficult for her mother to feed her children. A relative told me about the children’s home “Anandanilayam” in Tallarevu. The boys have been able to live there and go to school for about a year - the mother is happy to know that her children are in a safe and loving home there.

In India, twelve children's homes offer safe accommodation to parentless children and social orphans like Rajid and Ravi. The girls and boys are safe from exploitation and child labor and are given the chance to receive a school education.

In Latin America, too, numerous EBM INTERNATIONAL projects take care of children and young people who need help: PEPE and MANNA projects offer care and support even at preschool age. Social centers are places for practical help and pastoral support for entire families and offer care and education for all ages. The children's home in Alem/Argentina offers around 40 children a loving home in family groups.

The social center in Macia/Mozambique looks after children with and without disabilities and promotes their development. A large team also visits families in the area and offers advice and practical help. A preschool completes the program. Our schools in Africa help girls and boys to lay a solid foundation for further education and an independent life.

Together with you, we would like to address the needs of children at risk worldwide and give them a home and education. In more than 50 projects, girls and boys experience love, care and security. All initiatives are affiliated with a local church and invite people to faith through children's programs or church services.

Your Christmas donation - whether a church offering, proceeds from a bazaar or as an individual - gives girls and boys hope. Thank you for your prayers and your donations!