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Population: 212 Millionen
Member union: Pioneira (Convencao Batista Pioneira do Sul do Brasil)

Areas of work
Children at risk | 8
Church development | 3
Capacity buiding | 2


Over the years, many projects have been set up in southern Brazil to give people new hope and prospects for a future worth living.

In the social centers and PEPE preschool programs, many children and families are supported and accompanied in their daily lives. Here, children find a safe environment and loving care. At the CAIS Center for the deaf, children, youth and families often receive real help for the first time in dealing with their challenging situation. They learn sign language and can share ideas with other families who are experiencing similar situations. There are also various church planting projects and also a theological seminar where future pastors and church planters are trained.


Our projects in Brazil:

Many children and youth in Brazil live in poverty and are being neglected. Often they live in slums and no one is taking care of them during the day. Crime, drug trade, prostitution, and abuse are the…

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Scared, withdrawn, and self-conscious. That is how the deaf children, and for a while the adults as well, start coming to the group. They live in their own world. They are neither understood nor…

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Children from slums do not have a chance to go to preschool since there is none or are not enough preschools in those areas. Without having gone to preschool though, they have a tough start in school.…

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Many children in Brazil are living on the streets without supervision. Either their parents work in order to make a living or they are overwhelmed with their own problems in life. These are for…

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In the eighties, a church planting ministry started in the bleak part of the mountainous area of the state Espírito Santo. There are about 120 000 descendants of the German Pomeranians living in great…

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Lates news from Brazil:

23. April 2024

Even simple tasks are difficult for the deaf. The CAIS deaf project in Brazil is a big help to them.

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25. January 2024

Diadema. A large city south of the giant metropolis of São Paulo. The population density here is particularly high. 70 percent of the city consists of so-called favelas, the slums, often the starting…

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26. February 2021

The city of Ijuí, just 130 years old, has always been of strategic and missionary importance. Located in the very south of Brazil, it is the centre of mission societies and universities. Ijuí is also…

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03. August 2020

CAIS centre for deaf people in Ijuí/Brazil Lucas (name changed) is an eight-year-old boy from the south of Brazil. What distinguishes him from other children is a special ability: he speaks a special…

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