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Population: 1,3 Milliarden
Member union: 16 Partner

Working areas
Children at risk | 14
Campacity building | 20
Relief work | 5
Health care | 10

EBMI is now also opperating in India since 2009

We are so grateful to have been able to integrate the work of Hans-Herter-Indienhilfe with EBMI in 2009! There are many wonderful and diverse projects throughout India through which we are reaching countless people with the love of God.

In more than 20 children's homes and social centers, children find a new home, care and security. With various nutrition programs we fight against malnutrition and hunger, and in schools children, adolescents and adults are given the opportunity for basic education or even a complete professional training. Another major area is health care, where we are able to offer medical care to disadvantaged population groups in particular - to which they would otherwise never have access.

Our projects in India:

Every day about 1000 children die due to malnutrition and diarrhea in India. About a third of all children under five are underweight and are too small for their age. It’s the children that suffer…

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In order to go to college you need good grades and financial aid. But due to poverty access to education is difficult and even impossible for many young people in India. Furthermore often they have to…

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“A home for children” is not a given for those that are from poor families that live below the poverty line and at the margin of society. Children that were left alone because single moms didn’t have…

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Schooling? Education? Something that’s a given for many is quite a privilege in India for children and youth. The enrolment rate is terribly low. Only two thirds of all children between six and ten…

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In India about 15 000 farmers take their lives every year because they cannot get out of debt from the suppliers for seeds and fertilizers. Our partner “CBM Bethel Hospital” (it’s a Baptist hospital)…

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Lates news from India:

01. July 2023

There are still thousands of new cases of leprosy worldwide each year, most of them in India. Yet it is easily treatable today and no longer a reason for exclusion. But the reality is different.

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01. March 2023

Hurricanes, floods, deprivation: life in the fishing villages on the Bay of Bengal is not easy. Gandari found a way to escape from poverty.

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05. January 2023

Hunger is the constant companion for countless children in India. But for some, there is hope - and not just for getting fed, but for "an almost normal life" with loving care and school attendance. "A…

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01. September 2022

Severe floods were reported in July in India. Our partner CREAM was able to help with a team of volunteers, providing food. An example of holistic mission.

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