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December 2023

Mozambique: A healing place for Yassin

More than 50 girls and boys, especially those with disabilities, receive intensive care at the social center in Macia. There is also a Baptist church on the campus. Around 100 other children and their families are visited regularly and receive help with school, food and advice, pastoral care and prayer. Spanish missionary Sara Marcos supports the team on site. She tells the moving story of Yassin.

No one could help

There was something wrong with Yassin from birth. He was always sickly and did not develop like his three siblings. Yassin's mother took him from one healer to the next - who tried to bring about an improvement with herbs, incantations and rituals. Nothing helped. Finally, his mother decided to take a drastic step and trained as a healer herself. Her children were left alone for a year. During this time, staff from the social center got to know the family and began to provide the siblings with food. They also took them to the day care center. After the mother's return, the children's situation improved - except for Yassin. Sometimes he was in hospital, then back at the day clinic.

One of Yassin's sisters started going to church every Sunday. She liked the services, but she couldn't take her brother with her. He could barely walk and it was too far.

Narrow escape from death

When the now 10-year-old fell seriously ill with malaria a few months ago, everyone feared for his life. He lost a lot of weight and could hardly move. His mother wanted to take her son to the medicine men, but the team at the social center asked her to give Yassin into their care. She tearfully accepted the offer.

Yassin is now living temporarily at the social center. He is being treated by doctors, given medication and is slowly regaining his strength. Further examinations will show which illnesses have affected his development so far.

He loves listening to music - then he smiles and carefully starts to dance. His mother is amazed at the change and is happy that her child is doing better.

The social center is a place of healing for many

Children like Yassin and their families receive individual support from the team at the social center: in coping with everyday life and schoolwork, through occupational therapy or medical care. One particular success of the work is the change that is slowly taking place in society: Blind or deaf children, girls and boys with chronic illnesses or disabilities are less hidden and marginalized. Sara Marcos and her team show how every child can receive care and support. Because they are loved and valuable.

Together with the team in Macia, we want to improve the lives and daily routines of these children and their families. Through the social center, many families in Macia are receiving new hope and experiencing God's love in a very practical way. You can support this work with a donation for children at risk.

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