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Population: 25 Millionen
Member union: CBM (Convencao Baptista de Mocambique)

Aera of work
Children at risk | 3
Church development | 3
Capacity building | 1


Poverty, recurring natural disasters and the widespread circulation of HIV are a great burden for the population of Mozambique. First and foremost, many of the children and families suffer because often one parent has died, single mothers are unable to care for their children, or families are burdened by illness (AIDS).

Since many years, EBM INTERNATIONAL, in cooperation with the Spanish Baptist Union, is trying to support and care for families in need and especially children with disabilities in a big social center.

Our projects in Mozambique:

Macia is a small town located between Maputo, which is the capital of Mozambique, and Beira by the Indian Ocean. Since the turn of the millennium, EBM INTERNATIONAL has been active in this area with…

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Latest news from Mozambique:

30. December 2023

More than 50 girls and boys, especially those with disabilities, receive intensive care at the social center in Macia. There is also a Baptist church on the campus. Around 100 other children and their…

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28. November 2022

Dalton was born without eyes. That alone was difficult enough. In the place where he lived, far away from the next city center, there were no opportunities of support for him. His mother had to take…

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01. November 2021

Our Spanish missionary, Sara Marcos, works in the social center in Macia. More than half of the children have physical limitations. In Africa this often means stigmatizing the families affected. But…

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04. November 2019

It is Good to be Different In the social centre Macia children with special needs are seen and supported. They are to be strengthened for life in their families. This is a very big challenge with all…

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