Stories from the missionfield

November 2022

Mozambique: Light in the life of Dalton

Dalton was born without eyes. That alone was difficult enough. In the place where he lived, far away from the next city center, there were no opportunities of support for him. His mother had to take care of him on her own and was overburdened with his visual impairment and the burden of making a living. That's why Dalton spent most of his time alone, locked in the house with no contacts outside the family. A life of literally darkness.

The Social Center: support and community

His grandmother brought him to the social center in Macia/Mozambique. There, children and young people receive extracurricular care, warm meals and help for the everyday school life. In this way, the Spanish missionary Sara Marcos and her team can take care of more than 150 girls and boys. Many of them suffer from physical, mental and intellectual disabilities. 50 children can be cared for in the center every day, the others are visited and cared for in their families. Those families receive help in the areas of nutrition and health, as well as support for schoolwork.

A turning point in Dalton's life

For Dalton, the contact with the caretakers and other children at the social center was a turning point in his life. At first, he came once or twice a week, then every day. His grandmother, with whom he lives since then, brought him with gladness and saw her grandson thrive: he made friends with the other children, educators and volunteers. Dalton learned to play and to move freely.

Assistance in dealing with blindness

When Dalton came to the social center, there was a teacher who was visually impaired herself after an illness. This young woman began teaching Braille to Dalton. He was now able to attend an elementary school. The goal for him now, is to be able to attend secondary school afterwards. Word of Dalton's support quickly got around and gave two girls who were also visually impaired the opportunity to attend the social center two days a week. Both lived previously as well in complete isolation in their homes. They, too, are slowly settling in and taking lessons in Braille.

Light in the Life of Dalton

Sara Marcos is delighted at how Dalton has turned out: “This introverted, isolated child, locked in his own darkness, now smiles all the time and fills our lives with light. It's not just that he grows and improves, but also actively helps the other two girls who have just arrived at the center. His newfound independence is a gift for all, and the joy he shows is a gift from God that fills us with courage every day.”

Support children like Dalton - with a donation for children at risk

The social center in Macia is one of about 60 projects in Africa, India and Latin America that brings hope to the lives of children like Dalton. This takes place in our partners' schools, in children's homes and social centers or in other projects, such as the PEPE preschools or childcare in the MANNA projects in Latin America. Everywhere the girls and boys experience love, care and security.

With your donation, together we can meet the needs of vulnerable children worldwide and give them hope, education and a home!