Stories from the Mission Field

November 2023

India: From day laborer to math ace

The Asha Kiran Children's Home in Gotlam, India was established in 2000. The Bridge of Hope campus also includes a large clinic, a vocational school for young men and women and a community. There are currently 64 boys and girls living in the children's home. This is where Kiron found a new home.

Life as a day laborer

Kiron hardly remembers his father. He died when the boy was still very young. Together with his older brother and his mother, Kiron moved in with his uncle and lived with his cousins, aunts and grandmother in a small house. Everyone had to contribute to the livelihood of the ten people and work as day laborers - including Kiron. If things went well, he could bring home the equivalent of 3 euros.

In the small village of Chimidivalasa on the east coast of India in Andhra Pradesh, there was only one elementary school. Many children then drop out of school and go to work. Kiron's older brother was one of them. Because the secondary school was so far away, Kiron had to leave his beloved uncle's family and move to a state-run children's home near the school. He had a bad time there and also wanted to drop out of school.

A new home

Last year, the now twelve-year-old was given the opportunity to move to the Asha Kiran children's home in Gotlam. There is also a school, a clinic and a church on the grounds of EBM International's long-standing partner. Kiron's favorite subjects are English and math. He enjoys hanging out with the other boys in his room and playing volleyball with them. The church services on campus have also become a good habit for him. He likes to sing and enjoys the Bible stories.

When Kiron sees his uncle and his family on vacations or during vacations, he is very happy. Later, he would like to become a teacher so that the girls and boys in his home village can attend a local school.

Supporting children like Kiron - with a donation for vulnerable children

In India, twelve children's homes provide safe accommodation for orphaned children and social orphans like Kiron. The girls and boys are safe from exploitation and child labor and are given the chance of a school education.

With this and more than 50 other projects in Latin America, India and Africa, EBM International brings hope into the lives of vulnerable children: This happens in our partners' schools, in children's homes and social centers or in other projects, such as the PEPE preschools or childcare in the MANNA projects in Latin America. Everywhere the girls and boys experience love, care and safety. All initiatives are affiliated with a local church and invite children to faith through children's lessons or church services.

With your donation, you can support children like Kiron:

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