Garoua Technical Center


Donations: 50.000,- €
Project number: 51251


Population: 24 Millionen
Member union: UEBC (Union des Èglises Baptistes du Cameroun)

Areas of work
Church development | 3
Health care | 8
Capacity building | 7
Children at risk | 3


EBM INTERNATIONAL supports four training centers of the Baptist partner Union Églises Baptistes du Cameroun (UEBC) in Cameroon. One facility is the Garoua Technical Center (CTG). Good vocational training is of great importance in Africa: people can earn their own living and poverty is thus combated in the long term. Women are given special support in the facilities through their own courses.

At the CTG in northern Cameroon, up to 150 young adults are offered vocational training. Often, short-term courses are added, as in 2017, when Bread for the World supported the three-month training of almost 300 young people. Training is provided primarily in the areas of tailoring, automotive mechanics and metalworking. Since 2017, there are new buildings in which a new training course in hotel and catering is offered.

In the course of a two-year training program, students learn to produce goods with which they can subsequently earn their living independently. Great importance is attached to practical courses. These make up almost 80% of the lessons. After graduation, some students take a nine-month advanced course in which they work exclusively in a practical capacity. The auto repair shop attached to the CTG is an officially recognized workshop in the region by well-known car manufacturers. Graduates who have performed well can gain their first experience of the working world here.

Most young adults come from very poor families, which often makes it impossible for them to pay their school fees on time. Many of them provide the financial means to pay for their education by working part-time or at night. Many volunteers and missionaries have worked at CTG over the many decades of cooperation with EBM INTERNATIONAL. Currently, Nathan Minard from France is on site working as a missionary. The director of the CTG, which is 85% financially self-supporting, is Roland Godom.

EBM INTERNATIONAL also supports the Technical High School in Garoua, which has been a secondary school in the village since 2012. Every year a new class is added and the work grows continuously.