Stories from the Mission Field

August 2018

Water brings Live

Mission Congress in Peru

Where God is at work there is joy, people experience renewal through their faith in Jesus, people go into ministry, and the church of Christ grows. I was able to experience that during my mission trip to Peru.

I took part in a mission congress in Canchas that was led by our missionaries Hugo and Carlota Mondoñedo. 150 participants from eight different villages came together to worship together, hear the message from the word of God, to eat together, and to enjoy fellowship.

One highlight was the baptism in an irrigation canal. Isn’t that a beautiful symbolic picture? Just like water is needed for the growth of fruit that can be harvested later so the water is a sign in baptism for the ripe spiritual harvest.

Another highlight in Canchas: filled with excitement and gratefulness the leaders of the village showed us the water flowing from a well in a mountain peak directly to the village. For more than a year the inhabitants didn’t have potable water. Thanks to donations from EBM INTERNATIONAL they were able to finance the construction of a water pipeline. The whole village is moved by the love of God that was shared with them. This news quickly spread in the area:

50 representatives from the neighbor villages met with the mission leaders and asked for help. They also suffer because they have contaminated water and mainly children are getting sick from it. At the same time they invited missionaries to share the good news in their villages. Now Hugo started a mission work. 14 people have given their lives to Christ already.

We are hoping for people in these villages to not only have access to fresh water but that they would also receive the “living water” just like Jesus said: “But whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” (NIV)

Pastor Carlos Waldow