Stories from the Mission Field

May 2021

A wave of solidarity with India

The corona cases in India are falling! This is good news that we have been seeing in the media for the past few days. They are paired with many question marks: What about mutations? How dangerous are combined infections with fungal diseases? And what are the health and economic consequences for our projects and the country? Here are a few voices and pictures:

First, we want to say THANK YOU. Thank you also on behalf of many partners in India. The solidarity for our work has overwhelmed us. So far, almost 500 people have donated to Corona aid in India. We will be able to use well over 200,000 euros for special projects. Many churches have participated and the BEFG also made a huge contribution to disaster relief. A lot of good has already happened:

As they would not economically survive the second corona wave, countless people received food. Our partner David Sudhir distributed food parcels to 25 families who can now survive for several months. Most of them are so-called ‘Bible women’ from his project who visit other families, talk about Jesus and care for people. One of these women tested positive for Corona herself but thanks to Pastor Sudhir’s intervention, she was able to be tested, treated and ultimately saved. She writes: “I live because of your donations and prayers!”

So far, more than 100 people have participated in the collection for our church planting projects. Pastor Samarpana Kumar reported how, through his pastors network in Chattisgarh, he trained people during the first lockdown and organized emergency aid. On May 24, 2021, a building on the Jesus Loves Ministries campus in Uppada was officially converted into a Covid station. With the funds from Corona Aid, our partners could support and care for sick people who would otherwise have had no access to medical care. This is a great testimony of love in the region.

New intensive care units have been built in Pithapuram and Ludhiana. The beds with oxygen supply are currently helping those suffering from acute corona. In the long term it will help many people with other diseases. The Corona emergency aid is deployed quickly and ensures sustainable improvement in the facilities. Furthermore, Dr. Santosh from Ludhiana was able to help children with severe malformations again. That’s his real job. We are very pleased that “normality” is returning in some places.

These examples illustrate how quickly aid arrived and how comprehensively it works even outside of acute disasters. That applies to many hundreds of projects around the world. We therefore continue to call for non-earmarked donations, because these ultimately benefit the work of David Sudhir, Samarpana Kumar and Dr. Santosh. Three heroes who represent over a hundred other workers who are a blessing to many people around the world. This is possible because we experience so much solidarity from supporters. God bless!

Matthias Dichristin