Stories from the Mission Field

April 2019

Hope is Born anew

The countries where EBM INTERNATIONAL is working in with partners on more than 300 projects are countries of extreme poverty. Often children are left to themselves and so they live on the streets because their parents have to work or they are not able to cope with life themselves. In the social centers and the children’s homes of EBM INTERNATIONAL they are being taken care of well and they experience God’s changing love. They are fed a good meal and offered diverse play educational activities that teach them important skills for their life. In these institutions, the kids are getting help for school and often the whole family is being consulted along the way.

In Brazil, this is the focus in three social centers. More than 500 children are being taken care of on a daily basis in Diadema, Cotia, and Ijuí and the demand is bigger than ever. The social centers have waiting lists to make sure that as many children as possible can receive help and the help is given where the need is the biggest. This way life stories are changed and hope is born anew. Children become carriers of hope for the future. An impressive proof for this excellent work happening at these places is the fact that the social center in Ijuí has again received the “prize for social responsibility”. The government of the state Rio Grande do Sul awards the prize. For the director of the center in Ijuí Leandro the award is a “confirmation for the great contribution the center is making and an appreciation to the many staff and their hard work”. In Ijuí, the work was extended in 2019 and now there are 103 children taking part in the activities. Since very recently there have also been possibilities for the older youths to take vocational courses.

However, those responsible experience unspeakable suffering and they try to bring hope into these situations.

Just like with Igor who was born with a disability and who was completely relying on others for help. His mother was always overburdened by the situation. Now Igor has been coming regularly to Cotia and there is a clear improvement. The good nutrition and the individual support that he is experiencing in the social center, is helping his development and is a noticeable relief for his mother as well.

For Rafael the social center Diadema is the only glimmer of hope on many days. Rafael is living with a family member under difficult circumstances. He has to do many chores and it is not possible for him to go to school. His life situation is very demanding and he is a shy and withdrawn boy. In Diadema he is receiving food, attention, nice clothes, and many other little things that his family can’t afford. Rafael is experiencing his value and importance and so he is opening up slowly to the staff around him. 

We are grateful for encouraging stories like these and we want to invite you to support these projects. Whoever regularly supports our work in the social centers will receive these reports with stories of hope three times a year.