September 2023

The first Cuban gospel choir on tour in Germany

The album and film about the Buena Vista Social Club made Cuban music famous worldwide. A big factor was nostalgia: people dreamed of hot tropical nights in pre-revolutionary music clubs, danced to salsa rhythms and drank rum. But one style of music is new even for the musically diverse Caribbean state: gospel. Now the first Cuban gospel choir is coming on a tour to Germany.

The young gospel-pop formation comes directly from Cuba and brings Caribbean rhythms and an overflowing joie de vivre with them. The artists are shaped by a deep Christian faith, which has to prove itself in the difficult times in Cuba. The living conditions there have changed massively in recent years. Many young Cubans are looking for ways to leave the country. The original composition of the choir was also affected. But music director Deborah Woodson has been able to integrate amazingly good musicians and singers into the formation in recent months.

Also in the ensemble is Alioth Gonzalez, pastor of the Baptist church "El Calvario" in Havana, one of the partner churches of EBM INTERNATIONAL. Together with four other singers and three musicians, they form the "Coro Gospel de Cuba", which performed in a different formation for the first time in 2019 at the Protestant Church Congress.

A number of churches, but also ambassadors and politicians were very interested in inviting this special choir back after the Corona pandemic. In cooperation with the Cuban Church Council, the Berlin Missionswerk and EBM INTERNATIONAL, the choir is now coming to Germany for a six-week tour. Patron is the EKD council chair Annette Kurschus.

What is special about this ensemble? It's not only the sound and the performance, but also the lyrics and content that express a strong, unambiguous creed: One of the songs is called: 'Amo A Christo' - 'I love Jesus'. Whether it's 'Rock my Soul', 'Kumbaya Señor' or 'Celebrate', it's always about the joy and help that comes from God. This is sung gospel. This is how the "Coro Gospel de Cuba" is: young, dynamic, touching and inspiring in the truest sense of the word!

The tour will take place between August 30th and October 5th. Dates, venues and further information can be found at