Stories from the Mission Field

January 2021

Christmas – A Time To Honor People

“Thank you for the great pictures and your blessed work. In the midst of the Corona pandemic, your projects were able to visit the poor and needy and even celebrate a bit of Christmas with them. I am sure people have seen God’s loving hand through you. You make it light in a dark world and are such a strong witness for our God.”

With these words our regional representative for India, Dr. Judson, thanked David Sudhir and Toni Yeguri. The two have sent impressive reports between the years with their projects in India: With consideration for the restrictions that also apply in India due to the Corona pandemic both were able to visit the villages where they regularly work with the people in a small and protected setting.

David Sudhir, together with brothers and sisters from his community in several villages, also distributed the milk and egg rations around Christmas to prevent malnutrition. During the Christmas season all children also received a small cake (muffin) which is a real special treat for them. The Bible women, who visit and accompany people at home in the villages and share the good news of Jesus, were invited to a small Christmas party. All the women received a thermos as a gift and appreciation for their work.

Tony Yeguri and his staff visited families in poor fishing villages affected by HIV and AIDS. They were given blankets and hygiene articles. There was also a visit from Santa Claus at various locations.

In addition to small gifts, Tony and his team always offered the children an opportunity and a stage to perform art, theater or music pieces. In the midst of the festive spirit, this is a moment when the children could show what they are made of. The empowerment of women and children runs through all the activities that Toni and his team offer: They should experience that in God’s eyes they are not poor first – but a human being endowed with dignity, love, and talent.

We hope that these stories and attitudes will inspire people and communities in other countries: May we also succeed in sharing God’s mercy so that people can experience how He changes their lives. In that sense, we wish everyone a blessed year 2021.