Matching our story from the mission field in January we would like to encourage everyone to donate to the Central African Republic. Since 2012 there has been a constant upsurge in violence which our brothers and sisters have been suffering from badly. We as EBM INTERNATIONAL will continue to support this country in 2018 with €35.000 and would need your help with that. Our donation mainly goes to three Bible schools there, the vocational centers Maison Dorcas in Bangui and Sibut, as well as different conferences and events of the Baptist convention.

There has been a new leadership in the church and also more activities. It’s a sign of encouragement in a country that has suffered so much from continuous riots. In September 2017 they organized two Bible camps for youth. They had 300 people participating at the young women’s camp and there were over 270 young men at the other camp. For 2018 they are planning this kind of Bible camps in all seven regions of the Baptist convention.

The center “Maison Dorcas” which EBM INTERNATIONAL has been supporting for many years now was able to open a branch in Sibut. Here they are training more than 40 women in the following areas: housekeeping, sewing, health and hygiene education, as well as Bible classes. The director Anne Moussa and the local team do impressive work where you see their passion under difficult circumstances. In Bangui and Sibut a total of 135 young women are being trained. This work is being supervised by director Anne Moussa.

Beside supporting them financially we are also praying for our brothers and sisters that they might have a good harvest and that people would have enough water during the drought. We are also praying for those that have to flee due to riots. There are at least 600.00 internally displaced people in the Central African Republic. We are also praying for the vocational training classes that are being offered at Maison Dorcas in Bangui and Sibut.