Stories from the Mission Field

March 2022

Peru: A diverse ministry to the people

It is a core concern of our mission to plant new churches, reach people with the gospel and train women and men theologically. Adrián Campero has been our "apostle" among the Ketschua since 1983. He has been involved in proclaiming the Good News in the Kachua language through radio broadcasts and his own Bible seminar. In addition, a collection of Ketchua songs, evangelization and training materials were created. New churches continue to spring up every year. We present two congregations.

Jimbe region - literally at the "end of the world"

There has been a congregation in Miraflores in the Jimbe region for several years. The village itself was founded in the 1980s. It was mainly cattle owners from the village of Guadalupe who grazed their animals there. This is why many residents of Miraflores also have family in Guadalupe. This connection has now led the community in Miraflores to take the step of founding a community in Guadalupe too.

The challenges are huge: the remote village is difficult to reach, especially in the rainy season. The inhabitants are over-aged and only a few can read and write. This makes it difficult for them to read the Bible. The Christians therefore communicate the content of the faith and biblical truths in a clear and very simple way, using many pictures and graphics. The work is already bearing fruit: every Wednesday, ten adults and six children meet for worship and Bible study.

Chimbote - a congregation that cares

The church in Chimbote only has small rooms, but they are always well filled. There are many brothers and sisters who are ill and therefore cannot come to church. There is a visiting service for them: every Monday, the team goes to the homes of the sick to pray with them and pass on God's word.

The ministry of the brothers and sisters to Franco (name changed) and his family is particularly touching. Together with his wife, he has two children. Franco has AIDS, his wife is HIV-positive, but without symptoms. The children are healthy. Franco can no longer work, is repeatedly hospitalized, weak and emaciated. But it is important to him to be at church, so he gathers all his strength and makes his way to church. "I want to keep going as long as God allows me to," he says hopefully.

As his family has no income, the church helps with food and some money for the most urgent expenses. The brothers and sisters are convinced that God is with him in the midst of his need, which is why we are too.