Introduction of New Missionaries

June 2023

From Mecklenburg to Malawi

We are Margrit and Micha Soppa and will be leaving for Lilongwe (Malawi) this summer together with our four children. There I, Micha, will teach as a lecturer at the theological seminary of the Baptist Convention of Malawi (BACOMA). Margrit is a nurse and will work in a hospital. We certainly would not have imagined a few years ago that we would one day work far away with EBM INTERNATIONAL.

A path to mission is forming

A few years ago, Margrit and I were thinking about how and where things could continue for us as a family. Especially Margrit had the feeling that there had to be something different again. After some consideration, we decided to signal our willingness to EBM INTERNATIONAL to be sent out as missionaries. To be honest, at that time we had not yet thought through to the last detail about what we were getting ourselves into. We wanted to see if God had a way for us. About a year later we received an e-mail with a job posting from Malawi. After we had hardly expected it, it suddenly became real.

We are aware that we have challenging times ahead of us. Getting to know a new culture, a new environment for work, a new language - all of that is a challenge. Even more so when you leave as a whole family and the children also have to get to know a whole new life. Time and time again, alongside all the questions and doubts, we found the application process encouraging. One thing remained essential for us: we only want to embark on this path if we feel that God confirms it.

Service in Malawi: venturing out of the comfort zone

This is important to us precisely because we are venturing out of our comfort zone. Myself, because I have not worked as a lecturer before and I am aware of the challenge that comes with it. After all, what I'm going to teach should be relevant in a social and cultural context that I don't even know yet. I enjoy learning and also imparting knowledge, and I am looking forward to diving more deeply into academic work after several years as a pastor in two local churches.

Margrit is just about to return to her profession as a nurse after several years of parental-leave. She is looking forward to being involved in Malawi as well. As far as work is concerned, we are both looking forward to the future, but we are aware of the challenges that will have to be overcome.

Preparation for the whole family

I am very excited to be leaving with EBM INTERNATIONAL. Through personal relationships and my involvement as a translator with some mission councils, I am familiar with many aspects of the work. Especially the concept of the mission organization and their understanding of mission inspire me. Beyond that, the organization not only has Margrit and me in mind as missionaries during this time of preparation, but also our children. As parents, many of our thoughts naturally revolve around their well-being and us as a whole family. One day they should be able to say that this time has enriched them. Therefore, the welfare of our children is one of our greatest prayer requests. We ask God to make the time in Malawi a blessing for all of us. We have walked in this trust so far and will continue to do so.

by Micha Soppa