Anniversary Celebrations With Distance

June 2020

The Social Center In Diadema Is Turning 18

The Social Center in Diadema (Brazil) celebrated its 18th anniversary – with distance, masks, and the desire to serve and help the many families in their area. The commitment of these employees is representative of how excellently our projects are adapting to the new situation and how important any support is in times of a pandemic.

Brazil is hard hit by the pandemic – especially the poor sections of the population in the favelas. The social centre in Diadema provides help precisely there and is one of the largest projects we support. Of the agreed annual budget of over €100,000 , we have already been able to transfer €52,000 in the difficult situation in 2020. Even though we lack donations for this “normal” project work.

Half of the funds will be used to support the salaries of dozens of employees. €60,000 per year will be used to provide food and education for the children. In times of Corona this is done locally.

Here is a report from the social center:

“June is actually always a special month because we celebrate the birthday of the social center. For 18 years now we have been serving with excellence, compassion, and appreciation to give the people here at Diadema a new perspective for their lives.

We have always celebrated our anniversary in a big way, but this year we were hit by the pandemic and had to throw this tradition overboard. How can you bring 180 families together in times of staying away? How can you celebrate a birthday without meeting? Tough, right?

It was not possible to bring 800 people together. But there was a party anyway! It was responsibly planned in view of the protective measures and organized with much love and gratitude. We went to the families in the surrounding districts to be a blessing to them. There was a lunch for everyone. Our team distributed a special rice dish and a cake for each family. It was a rewarding, happy, festive day, not only for the social center, but also for the children and their families.”

With every donation we currently help people in extreme need through our projects. More than ever before, employees are setting out to share God’s love and proclaim hope in Christ. In doing so, our partners adhere to the given rules, clarify hygiene measures, and they pay attention to the health of the people who work for us and whom we serve.

Please help us to keep doing this! Your donation for general missionary work or the EBM Corona aid will benefit all projects that are currently particularly concerned with people who are affected by the pandemic. You can use the online form or our donation account for your donations:

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Direct donations for the social center in Diadema are possible with the purpose of use 23060 or here online.

Please pray for the families in Diadema and our worldwide mission work.

Best wishes from the mission office!

Your team of EBM International