Stories from the Mission Field

February 2018

Supporting Church Planting In Cuba

In the current history of the mission field, we can see that God has been writing his mission story in Cuba for the past 20 years. Many churches have been founded. On site, we are supporting trainings for missionaries for church plantings so we can challenge and prepare the next generation of church planters. The special thing about this training is that the participants are developing and implementing a new church founding project at the same time while being trained. This way the churches in Cuba are being multiplied automatically. Just in the past eight years, 250 new churches have been planted despite the difficult circumstances.

Most of these churches engage completely and holistically in their villages. They get in contact with kids and youths by offering sports projects. Many of these projects are also aimed at kids and youths that are from poor backgrounds. They are being fed breakfast for example so the kids will not have to go to school hungry. Many churches offer Bible clubs where the kids get in contact with the word of God in a creative way. All these initiatives are a possibility to build relationships with the parents and the families of these kids and youths. This way they can be supported and helped when needed.

Our missionaries are passionately involved in different missionary projects. Those projects are really on their hearts and they can bring education, hope, and joy for the people there. In many areas where the good news has traveled to, the crime rate has clearly diminished. We are so grateful to be part of God’s story with these people in this way. In order to continue like this we are depending on financial support and we would like to encourage churches and individuals to become part of it, to build the kingdom of God with us.