Stories from the Mission Field

September 2022

Sierra Leone - new missionaries have arrived safely

For many years, the Baptist Union of Sierra Leone (BCSL) has hoped for missionaries for theological training. Together with other churches in the country, the BCSL trains its pastors at the Theological College in Jui near Freetown (TECT). This college has been known for decades for its good and thorough training work. EBM INTERNATIONAL has always supported the work with missionaries. For 10 years now, the brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone have been waiting for someone to experience a calling to Jui again.

On August 6, Christina and Ralf Döhring arrived in Jui with their son Nathanael, where Christina will teach at TECT. "Now the adventure has begun," the Döhrings write expectantly in a first update. "Almost a year ago, we made the decision as a family to follow Christina's calling to the Theological College in Jui." After the three-month preparation period with many church visits and a lot of travel organization, ministry in the country is now underway.

First phase: Arrival

In the middle of the rainy season, the first thing is to acclimatize: Learning the language - Krio is the common language alongside official English - meeting people and visiting churches. As a family, the Döhrings live on the grounds of the TECT and Nathanael will go to an international school starting in September. There are many practical things to do: set up the apartment, buy things, open a bank account, set up internet and cell phone - just organize everyday life. Christina is also already preparing for classes. Currently, registrations are underway for the upcoming semester, which will start soon. So "we would like to ask you to pray for new students at TECT and for a good start in the new semester. Boku tenki!" Boku tenki means thank you in Krio.

A joyful welcome

How great the anticipation for the cooperation is among the leaders in Sierra Leone was expressed several times. It was also visible on the day of arrival: "In the house we were already joyfully awaited by some people - it was a really warm reception! They led us through the house - showed us all the achievements and acquisitions and explained to us how everything works and what we should pay attention to. Many things had been renovated, prepared, and purchased for us. We took time to look at everything and have it explained to us. Even a warm dinner was waiting for us."

We invite everyone to pray for the Döhring family. For settling in and getting started. For Nathanael and his start at the international school. For health and a good adjustment in the new climate and for peace and calmness at the beginning of this adventure. If you want to read the latest news from the Döhring family, you can subscribe to the blog at The Döhring family is also happy to send newsletters.

Döhring's mission work and training at TECT are examples of many projects we support in the area of church development around the world. If you would like to invest in the training of workers who are involved in the Kingdom of God, you can easily do so with a Thanksgiving donation to the area of church development.