Stories from the Mission Field

March 2020

Mission In Time Of Crisis: Living Hope

And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Matthew 28:20b

God is here! This is the core of the mission and a wonderfully comforting commitment. I can see how this makes me feel confident in these days of crisis. Even my doubts comfort me because even then some disciples doubted at the sight of the resurrected Christ almost 2000 years ago (verse 17b). But Jesus’ promise is independent of my emotional state.

As in Europe, our partners are currently facing many challenges and questions. How the Corona pandemic affects our missionaries in detail is something we can hardly answer. The work of EBM INTERNATIONAL will naturally continue. We would like to gratefully tell you what good things are currently happening:

Food packages and blankets for Syria
The day before yesterday we received the news that the relief supplies for Idlib have already arrived in Syria. Our co-worker Pastor Sükrü from Adana had prepared this initiative together with our Turkish brothers and sisters but was not allowed to cross the border himself: The Baptist congregations in Turkey together with the organisation “Turkish Crescent” were able to bring food parcels and blankets to Syria. The disaster relief fund of the Federation of Evangelical Free Churches provided 25,000 Euros. Hope in a place that is in such need of help and often falls into oblivion – not with us!

Beds for the Senga Bay Clinic in Malawi
30 donated special beds with mattresses which a German hospital no longer needed, arrived at the Senga Bay Clinic in Malawi. The delight there is great – patients can be better cared for. A real sign of hope. Pray especially for the medical facilities that we are supporting. In North Cameroon our missionary Sarah Bosniakowski is working in Garoua. The hospital is called “Hospital of Hope”. How fitting. Sarah, like the other missionaries from Europe, remains in the country of action despite the Corona pandemic. We can assume that hidden contagions are also happening there.

Praying & Donating
How can you shape and support the mission together with us in these times? Remain faithfully united to us in prayer and giving: Only through your donations can we maintain the good work that must continue in many places even in times of crisis.

Volunteers return
We can close with some good news: Already on Monday we were able to organize return flights for all young volunteers before there was any official order to do so. They are all arriving in Germany these days. Pray for a safe return – physically and emotionally. The emotions must first come to the fore with such a change of pace.

We wish you these days hope, confidence, and the certainty that Jesus is there!

Pray for our partners and missionaries and stay connected to us through your financial support.

Matthias Dichristin, Teamleader Promotion & Fundraising EBM INTERNATIONAL