Stories from the Mission Field

March 2018

Impressions from Cameroon

Every year our partnering union in Cameroon celebrates their annual convention. This year the conference took place in Ngong in the north of the country and our missionaries Nathan Minard and Sarah Bosniakowski took part in it. Here they have the biggest church in the region. Former EBM INTERNATIONAL missionaries in Cameroon are Gudrun and Lionel Minard from France. They were guests at the conference and they were visiting their son Nathan as well as former domains. Both wrote how impressed they were with the growth of the churches and shared some short insights.

This year at the conference, 36 new pastors were ordained for their new ministry in the churches. There were already 27 newly ordained pastors from December 2017, so all in all there are 63 just from the past few months. That speaks for the Baptists in Cameroon and their training program since the convention also experiences growth. The Baptist church in Ngong is also an impressive example: 20 years ago they had about 250 members – now they have more than 1000. From this “mother church” the good news has spread to the whole region. There were five churches from the time of Gudrun and Lionel Minard, and now there are more than 40. Those are impressive numbers.

There are also many churches in the south. In one of the pictures you can see the church in the capital Yaoundé. Every Sunday 1600 people come together to celebrate. Many of their stories have started years and decades ago. The Baptists in Cameroon were the first partner of EBM INTERNATIONAL. Up until today we are heavily involved in their theological training.