Humanitarian aid for Turkey

February 2023

Earthquake in Turkey

After the severe earthquake on February 6, 2023 in the Turkish-Syrian border region, our siblings are heavily involved in humanitarian aid there. Thanks to the overwhelming support from all over the world, food, blankets, hygiene articles and water could be distributed directly in the first days after the disaster. Aid transports to the earthquake area will continue unabated.

Congregation in Adana

Adana is located in the direct earthquake area. About 480 people died and 20 houses were destroyed, hundreds of buildings are uninhabitable in the aftermath of the earthquake.

The house where the community meets is still standing and can now be used again. Six families cannot return to their own homes, and it is not yet possible for the children to work properly or go to school. Many are still scared and traumatized. The prices for groceries, medicines or rent have doubled in Adana in recent weeks.

The first events such as church services are taking place again - on site or via zoom. Church members in Adana started helping the people in the area immediately after the earthquake. A storage room was rented for this purpose in order to be able to better coordinate the logistics. Some had also taken care of the children who were in the hospital or who had lost their parents in the earthquake. Several emergency shelters were visited and warm clothing, blankets, food, water and coal or wood for heating were given out.

Other places such as Osmaniye, Hatay and Kahramanmaraş are also visited from Adana and relief supplies are distributed there. State authorities closely monitor these measures.

Congregation in Izmir

Ertan Çevik and his daughter Hürrem Keskin, together with numerous volunteers, coordinate the help for those affected. The community in Izmir has become a logistic center. Aid packages are packed and sent there, which not only go to Adana and the Turkish crisis areas, but are also brought across the border to Syria in cooperation with the Turkish Crescent.

Thanks for the great sympathy

EBM INTERNATIONAL works closely with the disaster relief of the BEFG. More than 100,000 euros have already been transferred, more than 60,000 euros are already planned for further measures and covered by donations received. Overwhelming prayer and financial support has also come through the Baptist World Alliance and the European Baptist Federation.

The brothers and sisters in Turkey thank you for the great sympathy and continue to ask for prayer.

Together we pray for those affected in Turkey and Syria:

• We pray for the people who have lost relatives or friends.

• We pray for comfort and support for those who are traumatized.

• We pray for the helpers for strength and emotional strength.

• We pray for the government and all those who are coordinating relief efforts.

• We pray for God's mercy on Turkey and Syria.