Stories from the Mission Field

January 2023

God's Light for the whole Family

Girls and boys from Latin America's poor neighborhoods often have no chance to attend preschool or daycare because there are no or not enough of them in these areas. Thus, these children are disadvantaged from the very beginning. PEPE (Pedagogical Development Program in Preschools) is a concept for children from Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. Through PEPE preschools, they have much better chances when they start school. But the impact of this ministry radiates far beyond the children - entire families experience God's transforming love.

In Argentina, the PEPE project is affiliated with the Baptist church in Alem. It bears the beautiful name "Rayito del Sol" - little sunshine. 22 children from the age of three are lovingly cared for here, receive meals, have time to play and hear about Jesus. There is always close contact with the parents.

Neighborhood help through PEPE project

Morena (name changed) is a mother, most of whose ten children have attended the PEPE project in recent years. Even as a child she had to work on a farm, did not finish her schooling and can hardly read or write. She lives with her partner and children in one of the poorest parts of the neighborhood. The PEPE staff are happy to help her with food, shoes or clothes. Especially in winter, Morena is grateful when she is given a warm coat.

The other mothers of the PEPE children also take an interest in her life. This heartfelt care brought light into the life of the woman: being part of the PEPE mothers, receiving their prayers and hearing about God's love changed her life. She accepted Christ into her heart and from then on participated in the services. She likes to pray for her children.

Thus, the PEPE project became a blessing not only for the children, but for the whole family.