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To engage for God in missions is a real privilege. Through the personal interest, through information from the mission field and through prayer for the different projects mission can have consequences for the personal life and faith. And above all financial support for EBM INTERNATIONAL a volunteer service or the service as a missionary enables people to make experiences first hand. We offer different possibilities in many projects all around the world. Living and working in another culture makes people confront special challenges. The desire for adventure alone is not enough to handle daily life and overcome the challenges of life in another culture. It is important to us that our volunteers and missionaries use their professional and personal expertise in a qualified way and are in touch with their spiritual calling. If you are interested in the work of our mission, please have a closer look at the information on the following pages.

Here you find concrete job descriptions in which countries we look for missionaries. It is important to us that the partners in the different countries start the initiative to look for people and decide on the tasks. They are the responsible people for the projects. Important requirements and the procedure of the application are also put together here.

Furthermore there are different possibilities to serve as a volunteer for a period of several months. This is especially for young people from the age of 18 a good possibility to learn a lot about them, God and another culture. Here you find some examples for different working places and also information on the application process.

For people who have been working for a longer period of time and want to invest their knowledge and special skills in a foreign context we offer the possibility of short time programs. For so called “Senior Experts” there are possibilities to finance such trips.