Medical Help Brings Hope into Life

Budget needed: 250.000,- €
Project number: 10300



Population: 16 Millionen
Member union: BACOMA (Baptist Convention of Malawi)

Areas of work
Children at risk | 3
Church development | 4
Health care | 2


Population: 24 Millionen
Member union: UEBC (Union des Èglises Baptistes du Cameroun)

Areas of work
Church development | 3
Health Care | 8
Capacity building | 7
Children at risk | 3


Population: 1,3 Milliarden
Member union: 16 Partner

Areas of work
Children at risk | 14
Capacity building | 20
Relief work | 5
Health care | 10


Population: 212 Millionen
Member union: Pioneira (Convencao Batista Pioneira do Sul do Brasil)

Areas of work
Children at risk | 8
Church development | 3
Capacity buiding | 2

Medical Help Brings Hope into Life

It is impressive to accompany Memory at work. Together with her team, she cares for over 200 patients. They all have something in common: they were discharged from the hospital because there is nothing more that can be done for them there. Most of them have only a few days or weeks left to live. Many of them suffer from concomitant diseases caused by the HI-Virus. These are diseases that are commonly summarized under the name AIDS. Pneumonia, diarrhea, severe infections and even malignant cancer. At some point, the immunocompromised body simply has no strength left. With these visits, Memory and her team bring hope into people’s lives. They nurse, relieve pain by administering medication, pray, and they comfort the sick and their families. They bring God’s hope into the darkness. This palliative work is part of the Senga Bay Clinic in Malawi, which EBM INTERNATIONAL has supported for many years. In the other areas of the hospital, about 6,000 sick people are treated annually.

In the more than 30 medical projects of EBM INTERNATIONAL, hope shines for the weakest in society: These are often young mothers and babies who are in particular need of help. Sarah Bosniakowski places special emphasis on this in her work in Garoua/Cameroon. Many lives are saved through vaccination campaigns, preventive medical checkups, malaria prophylaxis, and comprehensive educational work.

In India, the work of Dr. Santhosh in Ludhiana is an example of the many lights of hope that shine in hospitals and mobile work. In addition to the countless eye operations performed by our partners, Dr. Santhosh and his team in Ludhiana give people new perspectives. Complicated malformations are corrected and thus life changes completely. Before every operation, the patients are prayed with. In India, we also support the work in several leper colonies.

The CAIS project in Ijuí/Brazil is another field of work that is of special importance in our medical projects: Silvia da Costa and her team take care of deaf children and young people. They learn to cope with their limitations and acquire important skills for an independent life. The work with the relatives plays an important role in this.

In addition, we are committed to the health of children as a mission in all our projects. Especially in the homes and social centres we help in many health emergencies. For some employees who are associated with our partners or us we contribute to often-expensive life-saving treatments.

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