Donation: 90.000,- €             Project number: 24010



Population: 32 Millionen
Member union: CEBP (Convencion Evangelica Bautista del Peru)

Areas of work
Relief work | 1
Church development | 6                Capacity building | 1


The provinces of Cusco and Apurímac belong to the core areas of the old Inca empire. To this day, the people in the villages speak the Quechua language. Their religion is a mix of the traditions of the Inka and the influences of Catholicism. Gods and spirits were renamed and were worshiped as saints. The Bible, the word of God, was mostly unknown, even more so the good news.

It is a rugged and spacious mission field for our missionary Adrián Campero. More than 30 years ago, he started here from scratch to tell people the good news. Now he and other 100 staff members are busy going to the villages in the Andes planting churches and spreading Biblical truths that help so many families. They comfort the people when natural disasters destroy the crops and at the same time, they organize the necessary help. This way in the past couple of years a network of small churches has formed that takes the Bible as a priority in their everyday life. Another important part of Adrián’s ministry is training and supporting the Quechua missionaries and staff. These missionaries encourage, and strengthen the young churches and are helping them to fulfill their great commission.

The more Quechua give their lives to Christ and focus on God the more society changes. These people for example are being trained by the missionaries to grow different kinds of grains. They just used to grow their basic foods, which were potatoes and barley and sell these to the big breweries. Now they have more diversity in their harvest. Their health is better, there is less alcohol consumption, and less poverty. Life in the families has changed. New values determine the lives of the Quechua and they have new hope and perspectives in life.

We are bringing the good news to the people and are supporting them in their social needs at the same time. These two aspects are always going hand in hand.

In these places and regions, EBM INTERNATIONAL supports mission work: Cusco and Apurímac, Curahuasi, Yanaoca, Jimbe, Trujillo and Otuzco.

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