Donations: 155.000,- €

Project number: 80030



Einwohner: 1,3 Milliarden
Mitgliedsunion: 16 Partner

Gefährdete Kinder | 14
Kompetenzförderung | 20
Humanitäre Arbeit | 5
Gesundheitsfürsorge | 10


“A home for children” is not a given for those that are from poor families that live below the poverty line and at the margin of society. Children that were left alone because single moms didn’t have any more strength for them or because they didn’t want to feed another mouth. They’ve experienced violence, abuse, no one taking care of them. Due to many family disasters these kids are left out in the rain. How can they be helped?

It is for this reason that EBM INTERNATIONAL supports so many children’s homes that are all unique in their history of origins and their characters. Our 14 children’s homes in India offer children from different problematic environments a real home, whether they are orphans or still have parents, children that don’t have a stable home for whatever reason. This way they can forget some of their worries and reach for freedom, joy, education, Christian teaching, and a better chance for the future. When taking into a home they are also spared from child labour and prostitution.

Our standards for the children’s homes of our partners are very clearly defined and specified: enough space for the children, an appropriate staffing ratio for the care, good nutrition as well as the commitment from all the staff to stand up against all forms of abuse of the children, to fight child labour, and to stand for the children’s rights.

The church is located close by so that the kids have access to the Christian faith. This way their everyday lives include church services, devotions, reading of the Bible, and different workshops like drama.



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